New Study Proves Flu Shot Weakens Immune System

New Study Proves Flu Shot Weakens Immune System

For many years, those who have worried and opined that they were not getting vaccinations for themselves or for their children because they feared that they were not being told the whole story, were lambasted and ridiculed.  More and more doctors are now coming forward to state that they believe that the inundation of the medical world in vaccinations, medications and preventative care has been slowly whittling away a human being's ability to properly fight off infections and illnesses on its own.

While many of the people who have chosen not to vaccinate are religious and, therefore, believe that prayer and faith are just as strong for healing and good health as the conviction that vaccinations prevent illness, there are a growing number of others as well who are looking at this from another point of view:  the scientific analysis.

It has recently come available to the public that a study from Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is proving with medical evidence that influenza vaccinations are actually setting the stage for the recipients of these flu shots to be more susceptible to the flu in following years!  Read on the following page about how receiving a flu shot may now be serving to make the spread of the influenza virus that much more prevalent!

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