Schwarzenegger Teams Up with CA Gov Brown to Play President

Schwarzenegger Teams Up with CA Gov Brown to Play President

Schwarzenegger is back to his dirty tricks. And no we’re not talking about his decades-long quest to cover-up his extramarital liaison with the Latino housekeeper and their secret illegitimate child.

He is joining the ranks of the holier than though CA elites to ‘enlighten' us on how President Trump is destroying human decency, and the world.

Remember CA Gov. Jerry Brown? The incumbent leader of the CA Jackasses trying to raise gas prices by 42% to cover government pension insolvency. Well, he and Schwarzenegger are teaming together to one-up that last so-called ‘genius idea’.

“And now, with Trump both denying climate change and, frankly, reversing so much action on environmental protection across the board, Arnold is really doubling down on the need for action,” she said.

The unveiling of Schwarzenegger’s new effort comes just days after both he and California Gov. Jerry Brown appeared to seize the mantle as de facto national leaders on climate change — standing side by side at a triumphant ceremony to sign California’s latest cap-and-trade bill.

Roughly translated from the fake gibberish often drooling out of the socialist mouths – Brown and Schwarzenegger are trying to play President. Barack has taught them well. The latest shadow endeavor to be approved by the anti-Trump war room has been rolled out. Learn more about this new “cap-and-trade bill” attacking both the President and the constitutionally protected limitations of our government on the next page

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