Ryan: GOP Not Donald Trump’s Party

Ryan: GOP Not Donald Trump’s Party

Paul Ryan has a lot of problems.  For one thing, his partnership with Mitt Romney four years ago solidified his moderate, or perhaps even liberal, credentials.  So often it seemed like he has had more in common with the policies of Mr. Obama than with the grassroots of his own party.  Clearly, he cannot be trusted to champion conservative causes.  And this is no small issue for a person who is the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Another problem was his tepid support, at best, for Mr. Trump during the presidential election.  It is inexcusable for the top elected official in the party to offer anything less than enthusiastic support for his party's candidate for president.  It wasn't hard to conclude that Mr. Ryan was a closet supporter of Hillary Clinton.

To make matters worse, there was evidence to support the belief that Ryan was instrumental in the release of the “locker-room talk” tape that created problems for Trump.  If true, that was political treason.

If Ryan truly did prefer Mrs. Clinton, then the honest thing to do would have been to resign as speaker and switch parties.  Fat chance that that would have happened — it would have required an almost unprecedented level of integrity in Washington.

So now that Mr. Trump has won, Ryan sounds like he's “Mr. Support” for Trump, but is he?  More on page two.

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