Robot Strikes the First Blow In Machine Uprising

The horrific incident with the factory worker should act as a reminder that human/AI interaction is still in the very earliest stages and without great and appropriate caution, the consequences could be dire, indeed.

How could an AI possibly be involved with a huge U.S military exercise, like Jade Helm?

Natural News Reports:

It might sound like some creepy fantasy novel, but such AI robots already exist, believe it or not. Truthstream Media recently reported on special AI robots that the federal government plans to use in conducting Operation Jade Helm, with “Jade” being an acronym for a DARPA-developed AI quantum computing technology that's capable of producing holographic battlefield simulations.

Such technology may already be at the helm of the Jade Helm exercise, according to Truthstream Media, and it could be tasked with mastering the human domain and predicting human response as part of government drills. In other words, this semi-intelligent robot army could be positioned at key locations throughout the country for the purpose of studying humans and “harvesting” their knowledge in order to essentially destroy them.

With the best of intentions, the use of AI technology could suddenly transform from an efficient, helpful resource to a terrible threat to humans unfortunate enough to be within reach. We can only speculate how much worse it would be for such systems to be the target of intentional hacking.

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Source: Natural News

Photo: Steve on Flickr



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