Revealed: Clinton Campaign, DNC & “Mysterious” Republican Funded Trump Dossier

The Trump Dossier story appeared to vanish for a while, that is, until the truth began trickling out about its origins.  Now that the “boomerang” of a story has come back at the Democrats, you can rest assured that the denials will now be pouring out of the mouth of Hillary Clinton and the former DNC leaders like the lies about the Uranium One deal.

Last night, bar none, the Leftists were on all the talk shows being asked the $100K question:  What are the implications now that we know that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the Trump Dossier?

The outright first rebuttal by nearly all those interviewed was the certitude that:

“Well, first of all, a Clinton campaign lawyer paid for the Dossier to be produced and the rest of the campaign leadership, up to and including Hillary Clinton, was not aware of this opposition research.”


“Secondly, let's be perfectly clear, this is merely opposition research.  That's all this is.  Every campaign does this and it's no different than when McCain did so against Barack Obama.”

No different.  Sure.

“And third, the first person to pay for this Dossier was a Republican who was looking for dirt on Trump.  The DNC and the Clinton campaign just picked up the payments afterward.”

As you can see here, the pattern is classic, “Don't look at what the right hand is doing, focus on the left hand!”  It's political sleight of hand.  I watched these bozos last night juggling these questions and giving these answers and sat in wonderment at the amazing ability of the Left to be in lockstep even hours after news is released that is detrimental to them.

On the next page, you'll see how the first claim is misleading because of WHY Elias finally came out to claim the Dossier as his own idea!

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