Revealed: Clinton Campaign, DNC & “Mysterious” Republican Funded Trump Dossier

Because I love to be up to date on all the information that continues to break regarding the Democratic Party implosion (going on before our very eyes), let's get some facts out there about the newest revelations regarding the claim that Hillary Clinton's campaign actually, literally paid for the Trump Dossier.

Last night, there were a slew of shows where the Liberals that were interviewed kept claiming one particular line of thought that they felt would somehow tamp down the furor over this revelation.  The claims made, among others, are flat out irrelevant and that's what I'm going to do today with this new information.  I want to show you that once the Leftist's back is up against the wall, they begin to use their “Call a Leftist Friend” lifeline.  All of these Libs last night had the same response and that's how you know this is a concerted effort to put the “right answer” out there in defense of Hillary and the DNC.

Let's take a look on the next page about the newest claims regarding Clinton's campaign paying for the Trump Dossier, and how a high-ranking Republican (who all the Leftists are pointing to) was supposedly the person that should be taking the fall for this publication!

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