Report: ASTOUNDING Percentage of Reddit Socialists Live with their Parents

Have you ever secretly suspected all those naïve young kids “feeling the bern” were secretly lazy unemployed brats living in their parents basement? If so, you were right. A new Reddit survey found some pretty damning data about the group of morons yearning to trade the greatest country on earth and capitalism in for a 3rd communist country and a black bag.

A survey of users on Reddit’s r/socialism board has found that 61% of respondents live with their parents, 48% are unemployed and just 14% support freedom of speech.

While a paltry 14% support completely unrestricted free speech, 46% support “violent protest” (otherwise known as rioting).

The survey also found that 69% of respondents were uneducated.

Sounds about right, right? And as if these stats were incriminating enough, well through in hypocrisy to the mix.

The survey, conducted via Google Forms, correlates with a study undertaken of left-wing political activists in Berlin which found that a whopping 92% still lived with their parents and one in three was unemployed.

Despite leftists and socialists constantly virtue-signalling about their humanitarianism, another study in America found that it was Republicans who were significantly more likely to donate to charitable causes.

“Less well-off families from red states donate a relatively higher – and growing – proportion of their money to charity” than liberals, a Philanthropy Chronicle investigation found.

And last but not least, the Pew Research study adding even more fuel to the flames of liberal hypocrisy.

A Pew Research poll found that liberals are far more intolerant than conservatives, with nearly half (47%) of liberal Democrats saying a friend’s support for Donald Trump would put a “strain” on their relationship, while just 13% of of Republicans and Republican leaners said a friend’s support for Hillary Clinton would do the same.

What on earth happened to dumb these kids down to the point they can’t even tell truth from lies, get a job, or smell the stench of their own pompous entitled words gushing out of their months?

Antifa is really exactly what you’d except. A bunch of uneducated youth too lazy to get a job, but down to express their inner self-loathing by attacking hardworking citizens and patriots.

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Source: InfoWars




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