Rep. Schiff Caught Pocketing Soros Money

Rep. Schiff Caught Pocketing Soros Money

Rep. Adam Schiff (CA-D) tries to claim that the American people are not capable of understanding the Nunes memo revealing the illegal attempts of the Obama administration to spy on Trump 2016 presidential campaign officials.

But it's far more likely that the American people are two steps ahead of Rep. Schiff in both understandings how the memo affects American citizens. Now the long disastrous trail connecting this insulting liberal traitor to none other than the doorsteps of George Soros has been revealed.

Democrats generally have a trail leading back to their masters. Remember how former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe’s wife received a donation of $700,000 to her senate campaign by a close Clinton confidant right as the FBI was investigating her crimes?

All swamp creatures are alike, but not all are funded by foreign-born “One Society” conglomerates, or are they?

Head on over to the next page to learn the disgusting proof linking Rep. Schiff to the dirtiest globalist scumbag of them all.




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