Professor Bill Ayers Tied to Brand New Domestic Terrorist Group

Bill Ayers, noted Cloward and Piven darling who was the co-founder of the Weather Underground back in the 1970s, has once again crawled from the slimy swamp waters of Fascism in an attempt to kill all opposition to Leftist voices.

The Weather Underground, if you recall, was a small group of wannabe flower children who would use homemade bombs instead of psychedelic tie-dye graffiti to get their Progressive viewpoint across to the American Left movement.  In doing so, they managed to bomb the New York City Police Headquarters and immediately took credit for their despicable act.

This violent group formed in March of 1970 in response to a Progressive activist meeting in Michigan earlier that announced its intentions of reeling in all violent and non-violent Leftist groups under one banner.  The Weathermen was the first incarnation, which later became the Weather Underground, which remains in existence today.  Timothy Leary himself was part of this movement and went into hiding following the accidental detonation of a bomb in a Manhattan apartment building that killed three of the members.  This bombing error immediately alerted the FBI to investigate the group.

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