Pope Francis CAUGHT Trying to Cover-up Chilean Sex Scandal

Pope Francis might claim to care about the rights of trees and displaced refugees, but when it comes to the young children being molested in his Churches, he is nowhere to be found. It is a little secret that much like the other globalist he schmoozes with around the globe, Pope Francis fails to see the problem with pedophilia, or other forms of depravity for that matter.

But at the very least one would expect that the man who professes to be the “Holy Father” would at least pretend to give a damn about the rape of little boys. Sadly that is not the case.

Many hoped that he would learn the error of his ways after being busted last summer DEFENDING a top aide caught molesting young boys as “honest” and a good man. However, Pope Francis’s already shaky reputation when it comes to protecting the youngest and weakest in his flock hit the point of no return during his recent visit to South America.

Head on over to the next page to learn how Pope Francis got busted lying about being informed IN PERSON about his good friend Bishop Juan Barros indiscretions:




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