Pope Francis: A ‘Personal Relationship With Jesus’ is ‘Harmful And Dangerous’

Pope Francis is calling for “a one world government” and more “political authority”. But, that was hardly his most controversial statement made since he took the ‘throne'.

Pope Francis shared some prepared statements in front of a cheering crowd of 33,000 in Rome stating that having a “personal relationship” with God is  “harmful and dangerous”.

This has many people asking what does the Pope really mean and is there any way these remarks could have been taken out of context. And perhaps you can find the real meaning or the missing link behind Pope Francis’s latest message appearing to attack Catholics desiring to have a relationship with Jesus. But, it seems that the man who said “all religions worship the same God”, Pope Francis, doesn't understand his own religion or the one true God he serves.

The video of this short message and the transcribed remarks are available on the next page:




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