Police Warn German Residents: No Waving When Obama Visits, and Stay Away from Your Windows

Barack Obama is once again holding citizens of a town hostage during a visit to Germany. After Austin residents were instructed to stay home during the president’s latest trip to Texas, now Germans are being told that, even in their own homes, they’re being told what to do.

Residents in the German city of Hanover received clear instructions to stay away from their windows and not wave when President Barack Obama comes to town April 24.

People who are spotted by their windows will get a visit from Germany’s secret service, police said in a statement to residents. The area in Hanover near the city’s zoo will further be more or less shut down for a few hours when Obama meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Please understand that security forces operate under special alert during the visit of the U.S. president,” police wrote in a statement to locals.

Barack Obama’s fall from personable and charismatic Senator to shielded and scornful President has been stunning. How interesting that, once a man gets elected, he no longer cares to see the regular people he once claimed to be one of.

Source: Daily Caller

Photo: Infostormer



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