More Obama Cuts: Army Gives 500 Majors ‘Pink Slips’

Obama is also severely weakening the Navy, where he's cut the highly successful Tomahawk and Hellfire misile programs and has cut the budget down so far as to not permit proper maintenance of our entire fleet. This prompted 105 retired Admirals to come forward and state that if these cuts continue America's security would be at an all time low.

Obama has fired 200 top commanders of the military as well over the last few years.

The world has not become less dangerous, on the contrary, the Cold War we now have with Russia is heating up and tensions with China are also escalating all the while Russia and China are becoming steadfast allies.

Obama's actions so far, with his sanctions and his disrespect he's shown and received from China, he's only served to increase tensions between nation

Earlier this month, the Army said that at least 48 of the 1,100 captains handed “pink slips” had been serving in Afghanistan.

Campbell spoke at an off-camera briefing with reporters that was his last as vice chief at the Pentagon. He was taking a brief leave before reporting to Afghanistan later this month to replace Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford as ISAF commander.

Immediately following Campbell's briefing, the Army put out a release stating that majors receiving notices who are now serving in Afghanistan or other areas overseas “will be returned to the United States within 30 days of their notification to begin their transition from active duty and ensure they have the maximum time and resources available for a successful transition.”

The cutbacks were part of the Army's plan “to draw down its end-strength to 490,000 active-component soldiers by the end of Fiscal Year 2015,” the statement said.

The so-called “hit list” for the 500 majors was determined by decisions of recent Officer Separation Boards and Enhanced Selective Retirement Boards, the Army said.

The Army suggested that more cuts were coming: “As a result of future budget restrictions previously passed by Congress, the active Army will further reduce its end-strength by 20,000 Soldiers in both 2016 and 2017” to an Army force of about 450,000, the Army statement said.

Campbell said there were opportunities for majors transitioning out of the active-duty service to take positions in the Reserves and the National Guard.

The Army also pointed to the new “Shifting Gears” partnership of the Army, Raytheon and General Motors to allow transitioning troops to receive training and possibly be placed in service technician jobs at GM dealerships.

Photo: The U.S. Army



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