Obama: Cops Have Pulled Me Over Just Because I’m Black

Lecturing the chiefs of police like children, Obama goes on to say that America has a history of racism, and so does law enforcement. Never mind the fact that some people get pulled over or arrested simply because they’re doing something to deserve it.

A police officer often asks the citizen those very words, “Do you know why I pulled you over” as he’s beginning the interaction. Unless they have reasons to behave otherwise, perhaps investigating or trying to determine just what is going on in the conduct of the stop, as fulfilling the reason for the stop being initiated.

It could be something as simple as a dirty, arrogant look at a cop “behaving stupidly,” or smoke, a smell, a guilty response to an officer’s glance or erratic driving that prompts a professional trained to utilize all of his senses and input in evaluating a situation to initiate a stop.

It might even be that they were familiar with Hussein Obama, who and what he was, and had justification that he didn’t, at the time realize. Not knowing at first why one was legitimately stopped is not that unusual. Impaired drivers, for example, are often unaware that they aren’t maintaining their lane and a little surprised when the lights come on in their rearview mirror. They soon have it explained to them, and it’s not racism. But they could certainly make that claim.

Obama’s admitted to some of his drug use, which would not be the sort of thing that at the time would have resulted in a ticket being written. His affiliation with his choom gang and Chicago hood rats and radicals might have emboldened the already arrogant Obama to his familiar taunting as well. Certainly that would not be inconsistent with the “character” traits he’s exhibited in the six and a half years of observations we’ve been unfortunate enough have been in a position to make since our nightmare began.

Never one to quote statistics when a simple generalized custom-made claim will do, Obama refers to an unidentified report that came out just this week, that supposedly reminded him and the police chiefs that there are a lot of black Americans who have stories of being stopped and investigated. They’re called investigations for a reason, and they’re conducted in response to criminal activity, as he knows. It’s ignorant to expect every stop to be conducted on the particular perpetrator.

What President Obama is suggesting is that African Americans get pulled over and/or arrested simply because they’re African American, and that they should get a free pass based on their skin color.

Never mind the fact that white people often get pulled over or arrested for many of the same things. Then again, there’s the possibility that Obama is trying to break law enforcement morale because he’s targeting police for federalization, which has just started in Cleveland.

Just think, if the police would have profiled Obama a little more, we might have been spared eight years of his rule.

Source: universalfreepress.com




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