Obama to British: I Singlehandedly Saved the World Economy

While President Obama has spent much of his time across the pond threatening and lecturing the British on their potential departure from the European Union, he took some time last week to boast about how he “sav[ed] the world economy from a Great Depression.”

Despite the dismal economic conditions across much of the European Union, President Obama — self-importantly — took credit for saving the world.

“Saving the world economy from a Great Depression — that was pretty good,” Obama bragged when asked by a student in London what he wanted his legacy to be.

He recalled that when he visited London in 2009, the world economy was in a “freefall” because of irresponsible behavior of financial institutions around the world.

“For us to be able to mobilize the world’s community, to take rapid action, to stabilize the financial markets, and then in the United States to pass Wall Streets reforms that make it much less likely that a crisis like that can happen again, I’m proud of that,” he said.

This must be great news for the people of Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and countless other countries who haven't seen any improvement in their economies.  Now that Obama has single-handedly saved us all from economic doom, we are left to wonder what his next rescue mission may be.

Source: Breitbart



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