Obama Admin Agrees To Pay Iran $1.7 Billion Out of the Taxpayer Till

Obama Admin Agrees To Pay Iran $1.7 Billion Out of the Taxpayer Till

The Obama administration seems intent on humiliating the U.S. and bowing to terrorist countries and organizations that are, in simple terms, our enemies. For many living today, the attack on the U.S. consulate in Iran back in 1979 where 52 U.S. citizens were held captive for 444 days is a distant memory or even a short story in a dusty history book.

However, it was a major blow to U.S. prestige and is one reason why Jimmy Carter is seen as one of the weakest presidents in our history. Although the assault and occupation of the embassy was presented as an action undertaken by university “students,” it is clear that it was sanctioned and directed by the Iranian government.

Unfortunately, Leftist governments and states are seldom swayed by diplomacy, rather power and force are the currency they understand and deal in. It was only when Ronald Reagan was elected president and the thugs in Tehran recognized that their actions would be met with serious retribution that the hostages were released, even before Reagan took office. However, there were details left hanging that have just come to the fore.

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