Nigel Farage to EU Parliament: “You’re not laughing now, are you?”

In the midst of howls of frustration and hecklers, Nigel Farage stood before the European Union Parliament and addressed them in light of the victorious and historic Brexit vote.  He reminded them that seventeen years prior, they laughed at him for suggesting that he would campaign for Britain to leave the EU, stating,

“Isn’t it funny, you know when I came here 17 years ago and I said that I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me – well I have to say – you’re not laughing now are you?” chided Farage.

Much to the chagrin of the “Remain” crowd, the answer is not rooted in boorish patriotism. Rather, it is rooted in an understanding that global governing at the expense of national sovereignty never works. People will not die for bureaucracies, but they will die, sacrifice and share for their country.

With the winds of Brexit at the backs of ordinary, patriotic citizens, the move toward globalism may finally be dying a slow death. While an eventual world order once looked inevitable, this may be a sign that the tide has turned.

The UKIP leader went on to assert that the European Union was “in denial” about its collapsing currency, its policy to impose poverty on the Mediterranean, and the overwhelming influx of migrants into the continent.

“But the biggest problem you’ve got and the main reason the United Kingdom voted the way that it did is you have – by stealth, by deception, without every telling the truth to the British or the rest of the peoples of Europe – you have imposed upon them a political union.”

Farage said that the UK’s decision to leave the EU was a “seismic result” for global politics because it represented a revolt on behalf of “the little people” to reclaim power and national sovereignty.

“The United Kingdom will not be the last member state to leave the European Union,” predicted Farage.

Calling on the British government to quickly invoke article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and officially start the process of Britain leaving the EU, Farage said he would like to see a “grown up and sensible attitude” when it came to the EU and the UK working out a new trade deal.

He went onto ridicule the assemble bureaucrats, who for the most part have never held a real job, nor created one, stating that they truly don't have any real knowledge of the real world, trade and how their policies affect the common person.   To this he received more boos and once again the EU President was forced to step in and ask for order in the assembly.

“Now I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives or worked in business or worked in trade, or indeed ever created a job,” Farage admonished the bureaucrats as the chorus of heckles grew louder.

Farage concluded his comments by noting that if the EU were to flippantly reject a new trade deal with the UK, “the consequences would be far worse for you than it would be for us….even no deal for the United Kingdom is better than the current rotten deal that we’ve got.”

He added that if the EU failed to strike a deal, jobs would be at risk in Germany and that Brussels should act responsibly and allow the UK to “pursue our global ambitions and future.”

France then stood to share a moment of commendation for the people of Britain with French National Front leader Marine Le Pen saying, “How beautiful history is when liberty succeeds.  Put away those sulky faces, put away those angry looks and rejoice in the free and great emancipation”



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