New York Times Confirms: Mumps Virus Spread Mostly by the Vaccinated

Earlier in the week, a Natural News story highlighted the Scripps Research Institute’s shocking findings regarding the influenza vaccination and how the entire industry is a sham.  The report went into how the medical community is concocting flu shots that are at least ineffective and at worst, harmful to children and the elderly.

A week prior to that, the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University released a report that confirmed that women, children and the elderly had higher instances of weakened immune systems and were more likely to develop flu after vaccination than those who went unvaccinated.

Vaccinations have been a hot-button issue of late, especially in light of all the anti-vaccination doctors who continue to die of strange circumstances and many who honestly believe that the increased occurrences of childhood autism and Asperger’s is directly related to vaccinations gone wrong.

Now, the New York Times has confirmed reports by Natural News that the mumps outbreak throughout the country is directly related to the mumps vaccination.  That’s right, people getting the vaccination are literally spreading the disease to others.  So much for the medical community’s narrative that dead viruses are being injected into the human body.  You cannot possibly have contagion spread through human contact without live viruses!

Turn to the next page to read more about the New York Times piece and how this may further affect the medical community and the government’s ability to continue to frighten the American public into toeing the line and getting their shots!

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