National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration acquires Paramilitary Force, Military Stockpile

The bad guys need to be outgunned and overwhelmed. We have the FBI and the local sheriffs for that, and it makes perfect sense that they have appropriate weaponry to do the job. There have been questions about police departments equipped with tanks and other materiel designed for the battle field rather than Mainstreet, USA, but it is clear that the primary job of these organizations is to keep the peace and to round up criminals, and we can all agree with that objective, and the need for basic tools to do the job.

What is not okay is the creation of agency armies in urban urban and rural areas in the United States that seem to have no reason whatsoever to perform a police function or to be equipped like a military unit, ready to initiate combat against the unsuspecting public. That is outrageous, and it must be stopped. Some of the more egregious examples follow:

Most Americans can understand why the FBI, CIA, DHS and the government's various law enforcement agencies are all armed – and some heavily – but they question why seemingly benign agencies like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – which falls under the Commerce Department, and is primarily responsible for weather-related research – needs so many armed agents.

As noted by PJ Media‘s Rick Moran, the agency now has 96 armed agents, and that in the era of an uber-militarized federal government. NOAA – the government's primary weather and environmental research agency – is arming up at a time of increasing intolerance from Left-wing officials inside the Obama administration as well as some state attorneys general, over what they call “climate change denial.”

NOAA officials justify the existence of armed agents as a means of enforcing various laws under the agency's jurisdiction. But honestly, if a waterway is being over-fished, or there is some other violation of environmental law, can't another traditionally armed federal agency handle the arrest?

You know – like the armed Environmental Protection Agency. Yes, that's right, the notorious EPA has its own armed force as well, and it was (ridiculously) on display when the agency carried out an armed raid on a mine in Chicken, Alaska (real name), to enforce a provision of the Clear Water Act – a raid that eventually sparked a special investigation and congressional hearing. After all, Chicken, Alaska, has a whopping population of 7 as per the last census.

But why wouldn't the EPA use this tactic to enforce an insignificant statute? After all, when you're equipping a small army, the temptation to use it is obviously strong. As reported by The Daily Signal, the agency recently spent $1.4 million on heavy and automatic weapons, ammunition, night vision gear and camouflage clothing.

“And not just a few weapons. Open the Books found that the agency has spent millions of dollars over the last decade on guns, ammo, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear, and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities.”

Next on the list is the Department of Agriculture, believe it or not. As reported by CNN in September 2014, the “food stamp” agency, like other federal departments, is using a provision of the Homeland Security Act as a reason to arm up:

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Office of Inspector General has 85 shiny new submachine guns, locked and loaded.

“They've long had a small police force, and they're not alone, thanks to a mostly forgotten provision in the behemoth 2002 Homeland Security Act that allows certain the [sic] Offices of Inspector General to equip themselves with agents who carry guns.

Criminal investigators at agencies like the USDA, the Small Business Administration and NASA can carry firearms.

Without question, the vast bureaucracy of the federal government no longer feels like its sole purpose and reason for existence is to serve the American people. Rather, the bureaucracy has become an entity unto itself, untouchable by Congress, and increasingly utilized by presidents as a weapon to suppress liberty, freedom and individualism. That much is evident by the level of armament these agencies think they need.

The Department of Agriculture, the Railroad Retirement Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service all have para-military forces, and it is hard to resist marching out against the public when you have cool equipment like sub-machine guns and bullet-proof vests.

Kenneth Wright of Stockton, Calif. was “visited” by a SWAT team from the U.S. Department of Education in June 2011. Agents battered down the door of his home at 6 a.m., dragged him outside in his boxer shorts, and handcuffed him as they put his three children (ages 3, 7, and 11) in a police car for two hours while they searched his home. The raid was allegedly intended to uncover information on Wright’s estranged wife, Michelle, who hadn’t been living with him and was suspected of college financial-aid fraud.

The Food and Drug Administration has conducted military style raids on dairy farms shipping raw milk to states that prohibit the sale of unpasteurized milk. What in the world is wrong with these government thugs who think they need an army to enforce a statute, and who think that domestic military assaults on the American public are okay?

In the wake of the Ferguson riots, the federal government shipped various local police departments heavy military hardware to help quell large scale civil unrest. The purpose of such weaponry is to intimidate and to use in hand to hand combat and is certainly not a useful tool for reasonable crime fighting activities.

Senator Rand Paul questioned an official during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing last year and was adamant that the federal government and this administration have no justification whatsoever to develop these federal armed forces within the U.S. with the express purpose of engaging the people of this country.

Whether it is with insidious purpose or not, these agencies have no logical reason to be armed, and their police force units should be dismantled immediately. I am not holding my breath.




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