Mueller to Investigate Trump’s Tenants Going Back Six Years

Mueller to Investigate Trump’s Tenants Going Back Six Years

Robert Mueller is expanding his investigation into Donald Trump — concerning many who have questioned the ethics of Mueller's investigative team.

Shortly after Mueller was picked as the head of the special counsel, he loaded the team with a network of liberal donors and activists. That team has expanded their probe several times and have just recently targeted Donald Trump Jr. with a grand jury for his meeting with a Russian lawyer during last year's campaign.

Despite the obvious conflicts of interest, Trump can't fire Mueller for political reasons. Fellow Republican Lindsey Graham warned Trump that it would be the “beginning of the end” if Trump were to fire the man hired to investigate alleged campaign connections to the Kremlin. While Graham has been notoriously anti-Trump in the past, he's probably correct from a PR perspective.

This presents a problem for Trump, as the special council team has now once again expanded their investigation.

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