Minimum Wage Protestors don’t know — or Care — how much Union Bosses Make

Bernie Sanders has long been lobbying for a $15/hour minimum wage, and it appears that this may be closer to reality than previously thought.  After some states and localities have adopted $15/hour as minimum wage, the conversation has gained national attention.  Even Hillary Clinton supports it — this week, anyway.

Ask a liberal how much CEOs make and they’ll likely respond with “billions” or “too much,” but they have failed to educate themselves on how much their own union bosses are raking in from their union dues.

[…] what happens when you actually talk to these protesters? Do they actually know what they’re talking about? Are they even the desperate fast food employees they claim to be?

America Rising Squared hit the streets of Cleveland, Ohio and Charlotte, North Carolina to find out.

As it turns out, some of the protesters are SEIU employees, and they reeeeeeally didn’t want to talk about how much their union boss makes.

Despite the fact that many businesses would have to lay off employees or raise their prices — which would negatively affect consumers — the “Fight for 15” crowd wants the minimum raise jacked up, consequences be damned.  When companies start having to cut hours, lay off employees, and raise prices, the same crowd will surely blame the “evil corporations” again.  What a cycle.

Source: Chicks on the Right





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