Hypocrisy Alert: Union Bosses Banking off Member’s Union Dues

Hypocrisy Alert: Union Bosses Banking off Member’s Union Dues

The left has a long tradition of hypocrisy on a myriad of issues.  They believe that drug enforcement laws are pointless because people will still get their hands on drugs at the same time they work to abolish the second amendment, ignoring the fact that criminals will still get their hands on guns whether they are legal or not.

The Obama administration refuses to exempt the Little Sister of the Poor from the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), but exempt big companies such as Exxon, Chevron, VISA, and Pepsi.  They sued on behalf of the Muslim truck drivers made to deliver alcohol but demonize Christians who refuse to cater gay weddings.

Unions are perhaps the best example of liberal hypocrisy.  Teachers Unions often protect bad teachers at the expense of educating America’s youth.

Additionally, the left hates states with right-to-work laws, protecting workers from being forced to pay into a union of which they do not wish to be members.  Now we may know why the left it so opposed to right-to-work protections.  Union bosses are making bank.  To read about the obscenely high salaries that workers’ union dues are paying, continue on the next page:

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