Maxine Waters Threatens Trump: ‘I’m Coming For You’

Maxine Waters Threatens Trump: ‘I’m Coming For You’

With all the time Maxine Waters spends attacking Donald Trump, it's amazing that she manages to find time to work as a member of the House. This week, Waters managed to save time by doing both concurrently. During a town hall in her home district in Los Angeles on Saturday, the representative delivered one of her signature assaults against Trump.

Her latest threats should come as no surprise to anyone following the far-left politician. She has already called Trump's cabinet a “bunch of scumbags” and outlined her desire to lead Trump “right into impeachment.” Her latest attack is nothing but the same story told with different words.

The biggest story here might be Water's unhealthy obsession with Trump's impeachment. She has never managed to provide a shred of evidence to support her claims — but she has never backed off any of them. She is a woman on a mission and she doesn't care what is or is not true. Her constituents don't seem to care either.

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