“Manspreading” Becomes a Crime in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Metro is the latest public transit system to start issuing fines to those found guilty of committing “manspreading”.

“Manspreading” is a common complaint from female riders who refer to when men sit on a seat with their knees wide apart, often spilling into the adjacent seat and discomforting those seated next to them.

Riders who spread their legs a little too much or vape on the subway will be fined a cool $75.

The fine will also apply to passengers who insist on being rude to other passengers, or fail to follow a code of conduct being instituted called “metro manners.”

3rd-wave feminism has been fighting a pretty catty campaign to raise awareness of “manspreading” and “toxic masculinity”. According to feminists, men spread their legs because they’ve been entitled since birth into believing they should spread their bodies to take up more space, whereas women are conditioned to be small and almost invisible. I find it pretty hard to believe anyone has ever been hard pressed to spot a feminist. But, okay.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably finding this whole official narrative being given about “manspreading” to be pretty suspect. And I am a woman by the way.

So, I decided to be the backward repressed woman that I am and use my brain and rational thinking to get to the bottom of this campaign to force men into lose-lose situations.

I conducted a little survey where I surprise-surprise asked men NOT other women about why men tend to spread their legs while sitting.

Here is the question,

Does it (literally) hurt to sit with your legs together?

Simple enough, right? Nice and passive-aggressive. A question you’d assume would be feminist approved. But, no.

And 100% of responders asserted that sitting open legged was due to biological factors, NOT hatred of women, without any prompting I might add.

For the women here, try to imagine you have a penis and balls always trying to do its own thing. That takes work, and it’s flustering. Not all fun and games. A guy isn’t necessary being pervy or trashy if you ever catch him touching or readjusting his junk.

Which brings up back to “manspreading” and the new public transit laws in Los Angeles. Men tend to sit with their legs a part to avoid hurting their balls or having to make an awkward public adjustment on public transit.

Whenever there is a law against “manspreading”, men are forced into lose-lose situations. What is he to do? Risk being arrested (as has happened in New York where there is also laws against “manspreading”) for sitting with his legs a part OR risk being arrested for publically adjusting his junk multiple times in a subway filled with women and children?

What is really crazy here is this is not just happening in the deranged land of CA. It is all across the U.S.

Other cities including New York, Boston, and Chicago have campaigns to stop men from “manspreading,” following complaints from feminists who allege that the behavior originates from “toxic masculinity” that “entitles” men to take more space than they deserve.

The fight to make “manspreading” a crime isn’t actually about the space men take up in public. It’s about women asserting they’re the bosses in both the private, and public sphere of 21st-century society. All while claiming they’re the victims of a patriarchal society.


I am not in any, way, shape, or form, talking about ALL women when I rail against feminist. No. No. No. We are talking about the lumbering liberal lunatics obsessed with saving literal cows from being raped while ignoring the growing female genital mutation crises putting half a million U.S. girls at risk, and other issues actually affecting the lives of women.

Source: Daily Caller

Image: WNYC New York Public Radio



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