Mandalay Bay Employee Warned Hotel of Active Shooter BEFORE Las Vegas Massacre

Stephen Schuck, an employee at the Mandalay Bay, claims he warned hotel staff of an active shooter before the deadly massacre unfolded at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

A worker at the Mandalay Bay hotel said Wednesday that he warned staff at the complex to report an active shooter before gunman Stephen Paddock launched his massacre on crowds at a music festival below the venue.

This new report raises public concern. The police (FBI) have already changed the story. What are we to believe as to what really happened?

The revelation has added to doubts about the initial timeline given by authorities about what happened Oct. 1. They had said the assault began with Paddock opening fire on concertgoers at the Route 91 Festival.

But the new account alleges that an unarmed guard Jesus Campos—who was initially believed to have approached and been shot by Paddock during his massacre—was shot before the assault, with that gunshot heard by a maintenance worker

The hotel employee, Stephen Schuck, recounts exactly what he witnessed that evening in heartbreaking detail.

“As soon as I started to go to a door to my left the rounds started coming down the hallway,” Stephen Schuck said. “I could feel them pass right behind my head.

“It was kind of relentless so I called over the radio what was going on,” he said. “As soon as the shooting stopped we made our way down the hallway and took cover again and then the shooting started again.”

There are a lot of things that don't add-up about the official story and details being released surrounding this story.

Why would Paddock have shelled out over 200 bullets into the hall just to shoot an unarmed security guard?

Who actually believes an individual could really make millions playing rigged computer video poker?

Why was Paddock's dead body found to be wearing gloves after committing “suicide”?

Could he have been an illegal weapons dealer caught in a heist or bad deal?

Or was Mandalay Bay/ MGM really caught-up in some underhanded financial dealings?

What do you think actually happened?

Audio of Mandalay Bay Hotel Worker warning of shooter:


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Source: U.K. News Yahoo




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