Kanye West in SNL Backstage Meltdown: I’m more 50% Percent More Influential than Picasso and Apostle Paul

Kanye's rant is most-likely a response to either Taylor Swift winning album of the year or somebody reminding him how much he embarrassed Taylor Swift and himself at the Grammy's a few years back.

The only clear thing that Yeezy says in that audio is something about Taylor Swift and something about Stanley Kubrick. Other than that, it does sound like he's lost his mind. Since his cry for help, many have donated to the cause. Through all of this, though, you can't help but wonder what the Kardashians are doing. If the Internet is correct, Kim is worth exactly the amount of money that Kanye is in debt.

Can you believe that President Obama has actually shown support for Kayne's 2020 presidential bid? OK, maybe you can.

Source: conservativeoutfitters.com

Source: DListed



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