This is a Joke, Right? Hillary is Now Blaming WHAT For Her Loss?

Hillary's newest interview with The New Yorker magazine invents new and even more fun-to-read reasons why she believes she lost the election to Trump.  The first two, Russia and Comey, down, we move on to number three.  Take note that nowhere on this list of now-sixteen reasons does Hillary's name appear as a primary or secondary reason for the loss.

If this list grows any bigger, we may be forced to write the explanation of the losses on separate pages.  Let's go through what we do know already.

Russia:  Hillary claims that there is “overwhelming” evidence that Russia decided that they wanted Donald Trump in office because he would be their useful idiot and she…well she would be tough on them.  The kind of tough when she gave them a Big Red Plastic Reset Button, or like when she pull strings in the U.S. and Canada to facilitate the sale of 20% of the uranium stockpiles we had in America.  The kind of tough that stopped Putin from entering and annexing Crimea from Ukraine…wait.  Ultimately, the message is:  When Republicans win, it's rigged and democracy was thwarted.  When Democrats win, it's the will of the people.

Comey:  Despite the fact that then-Director Comey was securely in the pocket of Loretta Lynch (ergo Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) and opted to throw away all facts, evidence and wrongdoing of Hillary in the face of a strongly-worded suggestion from Lynch that he “back-off” the investigation, and despite the reality that he broke with protocol and decades of precedent in order to suggest that (had he the power to do so) he would not recommend charges against Hillary, Comey was to blame for her loss.  This assessment would force the normal human mind to agree with a backwards logic that all the Hillary supporters who had managed to overlook their candidate's foibles (Clinton Family Crime Foundation – Pay-For-Play, Benghazi, Private Email Server, Arab Spring, Stealing Primary, Debate Answers in Advance, etc., etc.) were somehow suddenly struck with a crisis of conscience when Comey announced that he was reopening the case against Hillary days before the election.  We're to believe that Hillary supporters suddenly abandoned her THEN?

WikiLeaks:  Julian Assange and thousands of supporters for unaffiliated news worldwide managed to bring Hillary down by leaking information that damaged her campaign.  She stops short in explaining that the reason why the information contained in the leaks was so damaging was precisely BECAUSE it showed her to be untrustworthy, criminally-prone, and extremely careless with American national security.  Add to that fact that none of the information released to the public through WikiLeaks was ever disputed by her.  Except for a passive shrugging and suggestion that the information could have been “altered or completely fabricated,” it was quite apparent that Team Hillary had at that point given up trying to explain away the leaks, trusting more in the MSM assessment that she would win in a landslide victory anyway.

Misogyny/Sexism:  The incredible toxic masculinization of America began once again to infect the voting populace when Trump started calling her “Crooked Hillary.”  Although Trump had his own battles to fight in a much more crowded Primary stage, he managed to do so without the benefit of a rigged Primary system AND he took out all his male and female opponents not by getting debate questions in advance, or Super Delegates, but by giving all his opponents nicknames.  Hillary wants us to believe that his bashing of her as “Crooked Hillary” denoted misogynistic treatment.  Just like when he called Cruz “Lying Ted,” or Rubio “Little Marco.”  As for the sexism part, she believes that the system was rigged against her long before she became a money-grubbing lawyer, but when NASA shattered her dreams of becoming an astronaut way back in the days when women were not valued like they are today.

Senator Bernie Sanders:  Hillary has inferred that if Bernie had just shut his Socialistic mouth and climbed aboard the Hillary Train of Freedom, she wouldn't have been so beaten up before facing a real opponent.  The fact that he made the Primary a knock-down drag-out heavyweight prize fight and won nearly all of the later states and still lost many of matches due to above-board reasons like Super Delegates was beside the point.  He should've been a good little Democrat and stood aside for the queen's coronation without ever having mentioned Wall Street speaking gigs and transcripts.  It didn't help that those “crazy, third-party people” forced her to kiss their butts in exchange for their votes!

Senior Hillary Campaign Officials:  Hillary's own upper campaign officials were also to blame for her loss.  Apparently from John Podesta on down to Tom Bumble (who may have been a volunteer), the bulk of the blame for that particular day goes to her campaign staff.  Although she and Bill specifically talk about “senior” officials, it cannot be emphasized enough that the little people were probably underfoot a bit too often, causing her to trip over their good intentions and reveal a “collapse” in both word and deed.

Schadenfreude:  Definition: Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This word is taken from German and literally means “harm-joy”. It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune.  So, technically speaking, you can't actually blame this for a loss, but rather the result of such a loss.  Yes, it's true that we felt pleasure at her loss.  Yes, it's true that we celebrated with joy and parties and jokes at her expense.  Yes, it's true that many of us toasted the spectacular and delicious defeat at the hands of Trump and laughed with mirthfulness not experienced in eight long years until we just passed out with a wide grin pasted on our faces!  But this is not the reason for her loss.  And the reason for the schadenfreude, by the way, was due to Hillary's smug assurance that she would be crowned in November.

Voter Suppression:  In one of the more recent developments, Hillary is operating under the delusional pretense that Trump and his agents of darkness infiltrated the polling places of all African-Americans (I assume, since Democrats only ever talk about voter suppression or disenfranchisement when it comes to the Black communities) and blocked them from voting.  Granted, she may have a point, considering that Blacks did not come out to vote for her.  Even Al Sharpton himself chided her over her dismissal of the African-American base.  There was also the early-on kerfuffle with Black Lives Matter where she verbally smacked-around the representatives who were asking tough questions of her back stage.  If you remember, she basically told them that she would just talk to White people from then on.  I'm sure that helped her cause.  Perhaps it was just your attitude, Hillary, that you had this in the bag?

Advocacy Press on the Right:  Mostly, she's talking about Fox News, but of course, she's also referring to all the news sites online that have sprouted up calling her and all Liberals on their BS.  That sort of Right wing advocacy certainly contributed to her loss, I'm not gonna lie.  But to dismiss her grave shortcomings and flaws in character is missing the bigger point.

First Amendment:  My personal favorite.  Hillary is angry that a piece of trash legislation like the founding documents and the First Amendment, guaranteeing (among other things) freedom of speech, was responsible for her defeat.  I'm chuckling to myself even now as I'm writing this.  Her argument is so ludicrous as to be causing schadenfreude on my part!  Because we had our damned freedom of speech, we were able to voice our damned opinions, and make up our own damned minds, and voted for the other damned candidate!  Oh, the outrage!  How dare we deign to think for ourselves!  Off with our heads!

Religious Interests:  While not an in-your-face accusation of blame, it certainly stuck out to me in this most recent interview because she said it in an off-the-cuff, kind of throwaway comment.  She's inferring that because people who are religious (and I assume that because she had the bulk of the Catholic vote, she's in essence calling Catholicism non-religious) voted against her because they considered her to be a danger to the First Amendment where freedom of religion (not freedom FROM religion) is guaranteed, that this was one of the blame-worthy causes.  I'm here to attest to the fact that both me and my wife merely voted against her because we believe she WAS Satan…or the whore of Babylon.  And before any of you non-religious Libs get your panties in a knot, know that the word “whore” means apostate.  God forbid, I wouldn't want to be accused of misogyny!

Moderate Conservatives:  Yes, she even blamed the MODERATES!  Unbelievable, yet true, Hillary thinks that people like George Will and Bret Stephens are the enemy.  She literally thinks that when these guys were mouthing off about Trump and jumping on the Never Trumper wagon, that somehow they were being detrimental to her chances at success is beyond explanation and proves that Hillary is just reaching for any hint of an excuse.

Fake News:  Not really a NEW blame-worthy item, but one that Hillary did not cite as a reason early on in the Big Blame process.  We all know that fake news was the Left's attempt to start a new meme that would stick to the Right (sort of like alt-Right) but had to quickly drop the whole fake news fervor because we just…well, we turned it around on them!  The alt-Right transformed into the alt-Left, the fake news aimed at online Right wing sites became aimed instead at CNN, MSNBC, et al, and voila!  Instant destruction of a once-deadly and useful Progressive sledgehammer.

MSNBC / New York Times:  Technically, these two fall under the Moderate Conservatives headline, but it's fun to see more items on the list if only to feed into my schadenfreude!  Hillary made specific references to George Will being employed by MSNBC and climate-change-denying Bret Stephens at the New York Times.  Her quote was very funny.  “Why…would…you…do…that?”  Well, Hillary, I can answer that question.  MSNBC is a bottom feeder network with about 232 loyal viewers and needed some Establishmentariat Conservatives to shore up the ratings numbers to about 403.  And the Times…well, we all know that the only reason they exist is to bring shame to the Right wingers.  If they can do that one word at a time, while also employing the words of the enemy directly on their pages, showing off our total ignorance in denying Global Warming/Cooling, etc., then it's a good day at the Gray Lady!

Opponents' Anger:  Finally, the newest and most ineptly explained theory of blame for her loss is her opponents' anger.  I don't know about you, but man, that Jeb Bush and John Kasich, were they angry.  Of course, they weren't angry at Hillary.  In fact, I'm sure they voted for her…early and often.  But the fact is that the angry Carly Fiorina, who called out Hillary even more than Donald I believe, could have been exercising misogyny (can girls do that, too?)  I wonder, though…if Donald's anger caused her to lose the election…did Hillary's anger cause him to win?

Source:  Breitbart





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