Jade Helm, Chapter 2?

Speculation remains high on the purposes of last summers Jade Helm exercises, and it appears that a new exercise, called UWEX16, will provide more fodder for Jade Helm theorists.

“Apparently the quiet streets of Bastrop County worked so well for the U.S. military and their Jade Helm exercise this summer that they’re coming back. This time Special Forces has an unconventional warfare exercise with a catchy acronym,” KEYE TV reports.

That new “catchy acronym” is UWEX16, short for “Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016.” Once again our communities and private property will be paraded with military activity practices in preparation for martial law type scenarios.

According to the Austin American-Statsman, “There will be no public meeting and no circulated map of the Unites States with Texas Labeled.”

In other words this time they are keeping it all under the radar and not notifying US citizens, because last time they did there was outcry.

The idea that the U.S. military is being used in an attempt to create plans to attack or contain its own citizens is no doubt troubling. While it’s beyond obvious that your average American serviceman would be among the most patriotic you could hope for, the fact that Obama has replaced so much of our military makes one question “Who exactly is being placed clandestinely around our country with modern military gear?”


jade helm 2


Check out the video below that explains the idea further and decide for yourself.

Sources: Before It’s News, KEYE TV





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