ISIS Rewards Pope Francis for Saying “Islam is Religion of Peace” by Threatening to Decapitate Him

Pope Francis, the fake imposter pope otherwise known to the faithful as Jorge Bergoglio has done nothing but work to weaken and destroy the church. But, that sure hasn’t stopped him from touting the praises of Islam or trying to arrange a meeting with ISIS operatives. Yeah, he did that. Scroll down to view the video of ISIS calling for the murder of Jorge Bergoglio and the church.

Liberals and the Catholic Church too under Jorge Bergoglio can’t seem to stop feeding the little mouse named Islam.

Much like the young boy in our story here, Jorge Bergoglio shouldn’t be surprised that the little mouse keeps asking for more, and more things.

Case in point, the death of Jorge Bergoglio. Yes, ISIS just created a video calling for the murder, decapitation, and burning of the both the Pope and those in his flock! Thanks a lot, Franny. You shouldn’t have. It wasn’t enough that the Podesta emails showed you were working with the Democrats to turn the Church into a propaganda mouthpiece for the liberal agenda, and your appointment by a “mafia of cardinals” is making people leave the Church in droves. No. You had to get played by ISIS as well AFTER calling their dangerous worldview a “religion of peace”!

ISIS has released a new propaganda video showing its fighters stamping on busts of Jesus, ripping pictures of the Pope in half and promising to come to Rome.

Filmed mostly in the Philippines – where the jihadist group has been fighting a battle with the government for control of the city of Marawi – the latest ‘Inside the Khilafah’ video focuses on conflict between Christianity and Islam.

The narrator, speaking with an American accent, praises ‘the truthful soldiers of Mohammed’ who have fought to conquer territory in East Asia while ISIS members are shown wrecking a church.

One of the criminals – named ‘Abu Jindal’ – looks straight at the camera and says in English: ‘Remember this, you kuffar [an extremely offensive term for non-Muslims] – we will be in Rome, we will be in Rome, inshallah [god willing]’.

You know it’s bad when a bunch barbaric criminals affiliated with a pedophile worshiping religion stuck in the dark ages plays you for a fool. Right, Jorge Bergoglio?

Here are the videos:

Even Putin calls out Jorge Bergoglio for not taking the time to read his own Bible, or think before opening his big fat bought and paid for liberal mouth. Catholics, the Church, what are we going to do about this man making a laughing stock of our faith?

Source: Daily Mail,  Jihad Watch



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