ISIS Publishes List of Targets, Including New Jersey Police

Those who have sworn to protect and serve are being threatened by ISIS.  Utilizing the internet, the terror group has posted “kill lists” of police officers in various cities, posting on Twitter, Facebook, and even an interactive map that shows intended targets.

Thanks to an ISIS “kill list” recently published online shows intended targets for ISIS attacks in the United States and reported locations of ISIS training camps, Truth and Action shared.

ISIS has a clear plan for how they will attack our country while Obama continues to do nothing to stop the spread of these terrorists, even following the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th.

ISIS has used social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to their advantage over the last year for recruiting impressionable people of all ages who they can sway into their corrupt ideology.

New Jersey police have felt the violation of their homes and safety with their names and addresses being listed in this 39-page “kill list”.

NJ Transit spokesman Jim Smith said the agency’s information system was not compromised. However, some information was breached from an outside vendor, he said.

Smith said the agency is working with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI to determine how the officers’ information was obtained.

The Twitter page with the list is of names is no longer up.

Source:  Patch  Truth and Action






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