IRS Reveals List of Tea Party Groups on Their Special ‘Hit List’

IRS Reveals List of Tea Party Groups on Their Special ‘Hit List’

One of the most feared agencies in the federal government is the IRS. It is absolutely critical that the agency be seen by the American people as an unbiased, apolitical  agency. In many countries, agencies similar to the IRS are corrupt and dishonest, and the people return the favor by trying to cheat and mislead these government agencies, seeing it as sport and only fair due to the dishonesty and bias in their government organizations. In the past, the IRS was feared by people in both parties, but Barack Obama has changed that scenario entirely.

The Obama administration has turned our own IRS into a corrupt, dishonest and political agency, and it remains to be seen if the people will regain any confidence in the IRS. It was clear when Lois Lerner took the fifth against self incrimination multiple times that she was guilty, and Democrats knew it, but refused to pursue justice. They not only sanctioned her lies, they criticized Republicans for demanding the truth. President Obama then named Commissioner John Koskinen to oversee an investigation, and he spent the next three years hiding evidence, stonewalling, and refusing to release documents that would have convicted Lerner and her associates. The truth is gradually being revealed after a Freedom Of Information request forced Koskinen's hand, and federal judges tired of his tricks and lies.

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