IRS Reveals List of Tea Party Groups on Their Special ‘Hit List’

Lois Lerner is now enjoying a very fat government pension, with no penalty for lying, obfuscating, and misdirecting the investigation. Koskinen is finally having to give up the documents that he hid and directed his department to hide, and there is a movement afoot to impeach him, which will no doubt fail. Democrats believe the ends justify the means, and the underhanded tricks they used to deny conservative non-profits to obtain a non-profit status meant they could not raise money for the 2012 presidential election. Now the truth is finally coming out, but far too late to do any good.

More than three years after it admitted to targeting tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, the IRS has finally released a near-complete list of the organizations it snagged in a political dragnet.

The tax agency filed the list last month as part of a court case after a series of federal judges, fed up with what they said was the agency’s stonewalling, ordered it to get a move on. The case is a class-action lawsuit, so the list of names is critical to knowing the scope of those who would have a claim against the IRS.

But even as it answers some questions, the list raises others, including exactly when the targeting stopped, and how broadly the tax agency drew its net when it went after nonprofits for unusual scrutiny.

In fact, it is not clear that the targeting of conservative non-profits has stopped at all. The actions of Lerner and her cronies, perhaps directed by the Obama administration, could very well have altered the outcome of a presidential election since it denied funds to organizations that were supporting candidates on the right. That should easily be justification for throwing several of the crew into jail for many years, but Democrats are determined to make sure that does not happen.

It is tragic that they do not care about the long-term damage their dishonesty and deceit will engender among citizens of the U.S. who now know that the IRS is a corrupt and dishonest arm of the left. And unfortunately, even if Donald Trump is elected, he will find it almost impossible to exterminate the rats in the agency because they are a protected class of “civil servant” that answer only to the Democrat party. Such is the Democrat party of today.




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