Iranian Admiral Threatens To “Drown” American Vessels In Region with ‘Secret Wepons’

Since the deal was officially ratified last summer, Iran has shown nothing but contempt for the US, who they regard as dupes for even considering such an agreement. From boasting about locking missiles on American vessels to openly calling for an EMP attack that would kill as many as 90% of Americans, the nation has made it's continued contempt for the United States crystal clear:

“The threats surface just days after top White House adviser Ben Rhodes revealed the US deliberately misled the American public about the 2015 Iran deal.

While the public was led to believe talks began after the election of “moderate” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, talks with Islamists in the country began far earlier, he said.

In November of 2013, it was revealed that a preliminary deal between Iran and the West was made possible due to secret talks that the United States and Iran held for more than half a year and were authorized by US President Barack Obama himself. Those discussions were kept hidden even from America's closest friends, including its five negotiating partners and from Israel.”

Source: Israel National News



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