Gore: Our Future is Full of ‘Flying Rivers’ and ‘Rain Bombs’, Middle-East to be Inhabitable

Al Gore has been something of a high priest of climate change doom. It's not that he has any particular academic qualifications for this. It's just that he was a U.S. senator and vice-president. Since he championed the climate change cause while in those positions, he has been accorded authority status.

It doesn't hurt his status with these leftists when he supports calls for $15 trillion in funding for global climate change research and action. And one way to reduce man's environmental footprint is to reduce the number of humans. Hence, he supports a reduction in the procreation of children.

As an aside, it should be pointed out that his economics are as awful as they were when he was in elected office. Note that he wants fewer children born in America. He is also an advocate of massive increases in social spending. Precisely how does he expect to find the money to support the elderly and disabled if he reduces the number of taxpayers?

Former US vice president Al Gore, who is now the founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, a non-profit establishment ”devoted to solving the climate crisis”, has claimed that global weather is becoming too extreme and disruptive due to the negative effect of global warming. Gore made these remarks at the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) in Dubai on Sunday.

According to Al Gore, ‘flying rivers' and ‘rain bombs' are the two recent natural phenomena which have occurred due to climate change, triggered by global warming. He described flying rivers as long streams of rain-bearing clouds that travel long distances and finally ending up as heavy rain bombs in a small, concentrated area.

Gore also made it clear that California was hit by such a strange weather phenomenon recently where the river in the atmosphere traveled for more than thousands of kilometers from an area in the Pacific ocean, and finally blasting above the California city resulting in heavy rain.

So what is to be said of this? A good scientific theory should help with the prediction of future events. Apparently, that is not the case with what Gore champions. Anyone can conjure an explanation for an event after it happens. It doesn't make it right, it just makes it fit whatever phenomena happen to have been observed.

So is this a permanent feature such that people can expect more such “rain bombs” in California and thus ought to evacuate the state? Of course, Gore doesn't know because he cannot know because his explanation for what happened is more imagination than science.

He continues:

Gore, during the speech, said that the adverse effects of global warming, triggered by climate change, will reflect directly in the Middle-East, where it the increasing temperature will make the region inhabitable soon.

To escape from the increasing temperature, people in these countries will become ”climate refugees” and migrate to other countries and cities. Al Gore predicted that this migration will not be as smooth, as there are chances of a clash between the refugees and the settled population in many cities.

That last part was real genius. Gore has determined that forced migration can lead to conflicts. That is the only part of this that has the ring of accuracy. And you don't have to be a past senator and vice-president to figure that out.

Still, Gore is useful. Perhaps he can inspire a move to banish Hillary to some obscure segment of the leftist agenda where she can speak to small, passionate audiences while remaining relatively quarantined from the rest of society.

Actually, that sounds like prison.

Source: International Business Times

Image: Jos @ FPS-Groningen


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