German Cop Leaks Classified Docs Revealing Massive Gov’t Cover-Up of Migrant Sexual Assualts

In early January, Truth And Action was one of the first to report on the sexual assaults in Cologne by Muslim migrant men.  Months later, we have learned that the rapes, molestations, groping, robbery, and verbal assaults were even more widespread than initially reported.  In addition to the Swedish music festival assaults and their subsequent cover-ups, German newspaper, the Express has uncovered evidence that shows that German police knew about the assaults and covered them up.

Even worse, the German government actually told the police to play down the incidents, and shown in an internal memo between the government and police force:

“The criminal group was consistently described by the victims as North Africans, between 17-28 years of age. Investigations are continuing”.

In all, there were 359 complaints of sexual assault and rape on the night.

More damning than the revelation that police knew about the attacks and kept them from the public was the explicit order to play down the seriousness of crimes by the Interior ministry. An “internal police memo” which detailed “a request from the ministry” instructed police that they were to “cancel” the use of the word “rape” in their reports.

In the wake of accusations that Germany covered up the gang rape of a 13-year-old Russian girl, this will surely give pause to German women and tourists around the globe considering a trip to Germany.

Source: Breitbart



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