“Gawker” Author Advocates Assassinating Donald Trump

The hypocrisy of the left is sickening. Imagine the righteous anger and indignation that would have been blasted across newspapers, mainstream television news shows, and related internet sites had anyone made threats on the life of the current president. And they would have been justified in so doing. What would be nice is if the same people would show the same level of concern for whomever is president, not just ones who fit their leftist ideology.

So, we are treated to this disgusting spectacle:

Eve Peyser is a far left writer and comedian(?) for Gawker and Gizmogdo.

On Sunday she openly advocated for presidential assassinations.

Here’s her tweet. It is a despicable crime regardless of who occupies that office.


Tragically she has company. We’ve witnessed a writer for the UK Guardian already call for Mr. Trump’s assassination.  And some misanthrope from the New York Magazine did much the same.

Rule number one. You cannot hide behind some sort of “journalistic privileges” or the First Amendment as vehicles for advocating murder. (Yes, we know, there is no “First Amendment” in the UK.  The writer is still without integrity or moral responsibility.)  If it’s supposed to be a joke, it is not funny.  If you are serious, then you are guilty of conspiracy at least.

Knock off the death threats, or find another profession, one for which you are qualified.

Source: The Gateway Pundit



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