French Water Park Promotes Burqa-only Swim Day

The current attempt by the European left to Islamify the continent is no secret.  The left embraces Islamification as a desirable transformation of countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  A major English city banned the English flag and the holiday of St. George's Day as to not offend its Muslim residents.  Authorities in Germany attempted to cover up the mass rapes on New Year's Eve 2016 to protect its migrant policy.

France's latest attempt to appease Muslim migrants has irked a great deal of the French people.

A water park in France is holding a “burkini day” during which men and women not wearing Muslim swimming attire will be banned from using the facilities.

Speed Water Park near Marseille, a city with a Muslim population of around 25 per cent, is advertising a private women only day to take place on Saturday September 10th.

Visitors to the water the park on this day will be required to wear one piece swimsuits known as “burkinis” or “bath jilbabs” (pictured above) which cover the entire body, including the head.

Responding to pressure from incensed residents, local council officials are attempting to nix the plan, with one possibility being an “administrative closure for security reasons”.
Council member Romain Amaro said it was impossible that the event should be allowed to take place “in the current context”.

Valérie Boyer, an elected official for the region, also expressed her outrage at the event.

The controversy is yet another example of how France is becoming Islamicized even as the country is constantly hit by Islamic terror attacks.

Swimming pools have been a flashpoint for tensions exacerbated by the massive influx of Muslim migrants crossing into Europe over the past year.

There have been numerous reports of rapes and sexual assaults, including an Iraqi “refugee” who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Austria and didn’t even think much of it, labeling his predicament a “sexual emergency”.

At this point, it is unclear whether outrage at recent Islamist attacks will be enough for Speed Water Park to cancel its “burkini” day.  What is clear, is that European leftists will stop at nothing to continue to promote the Islamification of the entire continent.

Source: InfoWars



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