Founder of Weather Channel Destroys CNN, Fake Science on Climate Change

The science behind global warming is at best dubious and too biased to objectively take as truth. Here are the facts:

  • 97% of the research on climate change supports global warming supporters hypotheses
  • 97% of research on climate change is funded by global warming supporters and global agencies i.e the HOGS

Scientists who receive funding from global warming advocates have to arrange and conduct studies that support their benefactor's agenda. This isn’t just a problem plaguing climate change scientists and meteorologists. Why do you think it is that placebo medications like anti-depressants are a multi-billion dollar industry? Big money pharmaceutical companies came pay to get the data they want just like the globalist HOGS. Independent studies are the only truly objective science being conducted these days. And even then scientists occasionally get paid under the table to make these studies appear to be “independent”.

As Weather Channel founder, John Coleman puts it, the majority of scientists and media have “drunk the kool-aid” of the mainstream agenda. Over 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying global warming isn’t real or happening. And it should strike most as suspicious that mainstream media is never reporting on these findings. No. They only broadcast the data or science they’ve bought and paid for that aligns with their monetary or political interests.

But, if you really want to hear the best explanation of this frightening global distortion of science, scroll down and watch Coleman himself single-handedly take down mainstream media and global warming supporters in less than 10 minutes!

This is important to do because Americans have been paying over 4.7 billion dollars a year in taxes to fund global climate change organizations build around a bunch of clinically insignificant studies.

Here is the video!



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