Former Mexican President: Trump is like Hitler, a False Prophet

For Vicente Fox, former Mexican President, the idea of a wall, one that Trump says he would make Mexico build and pay for, not only destroys the idea of one nation out of three, but made Fox spittin’ mad saying, “I’m not going to pay for that f*cking wall! He should pay for it. He’s got the money!”

Fox once said that the United States and Mexico should just merge.  He believes that Canada, the United States and Mexico should become an prototype of the European Union, a North American Union, if you will, using a single currency at the expense of Canada and America’s sovereignty.

Thus, this idea of a wall is highly offensive to Fox.  Greta asked President Fox the following question.  “Mr. President, do you think the United Sates has problem with illegal immigration and if so does Mexico have any part or any role in this?”

Responding yes, Fox said that we are partners, friends and neighbors and have a problem.  He then praised the bi-partisan bill that Senator McCain and Senator Kennedy crafted and presented to Congress, but said it was unfortunate that it has not processed that bill.

He was then asked what he would propose.

“I think it is right there in the bill.  Number one, you have to solve the case of this 11 million undocumented Mexicans that are working in the U.S. economy that are working productively, consistently, with loyalty and working for many companies.  They are working harvesting vegetables in California, harvesting the apples in Washington, working with the service industry, in the restaurants.  So its good people, people that is honest, decent and loyal.  And they deserve this opportunity.  Now we must work together to legalize or to document that situation, and that ans act of Congress not in the hands of Donald Trump with ideas of building walls.  That's not the answer to a problem that partners, friends, neighbors, we are United States, Canada and Mexico can work out.”

And yes, Vicente Fox does think that Trump is like Hitler.  He said, “I believe that because his messages, the language he's using, his… all the protection… not wanting to deal with anbody.  The way he deals with Congress and the way he refers to Congressmen and Senators is incredible.  Alot of things show that he's an authoritarian person and he's egocentric and a false prophet.”

Source: Truth and Action




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