Florida Man Sentenced to 15 Years for ‘Terrorizing’ Muslim Community with Bacon

Florida Man Sentenced to 15 Years for ‘Terrorizing’ Muslim Community with Bacon

Bacon is not a universally loved food. And in fact, in some cultures or religions, it is downright a sin to be in its vicinity. Or at the very least, viewed as a grave offense and insult. That is why U.S. authorities are starting to prosecute ‘bacon related hate crimes’ very seriously.

As Linda Sarsour claims ‘Muslims can’t assimilate’ so ‘Westerners are terrorizing us’. They really do believe this. Take eating bacon for example.

If you remember back on Aug. 30th, 2017, a 53-year-old Swedish was convicted and sentenced for eating bacon in a “threatening” manner in front of 3 veiled Muslim women.

The 3 women claimed the “hate crime” took “place in April 2015 on the Väsby-Märsta shuttle”, and that the man “demonstrably” started eating bacon in front of them and “hated Muslims”.

Even after they got up to change seats to remove themselves from the sinful, offensive environment, the man followed them, according to the 3 women. In court, however, the man denied the women’s claims and said he only wanted to eat his dinner, and that he followed the women to “apologize for upsetting them”.

The whole offensive bacon eating kerfuffle lasted only a few minutes and recorded by the train’s surveillance system. So one has to assume they included this in his trial, although the footage of this has never been released to the public to protect these 3 ladies identities.

Cases like this are starting to become the norm. And we also have to keep in mind that Jewish people also refrain from eating pork products. This is not strictly a Muslim practice. However, it does seem to be mostly Muslims in the news fighting bacon related “hate crimes”.

Continue to the next page to hear about the case unfolding in Florida where a man is facing 15 years in prison for something he did with bacon and a Muslim.

The video footage from this “hate crime” however is available. The U.S. is becoming like Europe!

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