Five European Nations Issue Warning to U.S. on Tax Reform

Barack Hussein Obama sent a warning shot across the bow of the USS United States this week when he opted to shadow Donald Trump to the Far East.  But the real magic of Obama occurred when he traveled to Paris shortly afterward.  I initially viewed this trip as a Narcissistic jab at Trump for being so very talented in the realm of bettering the economic state of the country.

While speaking at one of these many engagements, Obama also managed to very stupidly take credit for the robust turnaround of the US economy under Trump, forgetting momentarily that he didn't have a clue on how to fix the gargantuan mess of George W. Bush (and admitted it on national television to boot) but somehow had the amazing foreknowledge to be able to specifically and expertly plan out that the US economy for suddenly blossom exactly nine years AFTER his presidency began.  Of course, this begged the question, if you had the expertise to plan its implementation exactly nine years later, why didn't you simply use that amazing talent to implement the “blossoming of the economy” merely one year into your first term?

Oh, right.  Because you were too busy destroying America from the inside-out.

Back to the France visit.  There was another reason for this visit, as is now apparent.  It occurs to me that Obama isn't merely just on an ego trip and spreading his community organizer seed over the planet at large, but is also meeting with multiple level cabinet members of each country and helping them to shape and devise language that will assist them in denigrating President Trump, as well as pushing the perception that other foreign leaders are as obsessed and focused on Trump as he, himself, is.

Five European Union (EU) member-states have come together to write a single letter to the US Secretary of the Treasury, as well as some of his underling departments, to “warn” the United States against a world-prohibitive tax overhaul that seeks to undermine the World Trade Organization rules and obligations!

Read on the next page how Barack Hussein Obama, the Shadow President, has infiltrated European nations at their highest echelons to thwart our very own government!

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