Five European Nations Issue Warning to U.S. on Tax Reform

Five European Union (EU) nations, quoted as being the “five largest economies” (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain) have drafted a letter through their respective chancelleries that warn the United States about its upcoming tax code overhaul bill that is being wrangled in the Senate as we speak.  The insinuation is that these countries are concerned that our bill will be a complete repudiation of the agreed-to rules by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and that it would violate said agreements, thereby causing a possible retaliation by the EU to, in essence, “level the playing field.”

This letter of such intimate knowledge of our proposed bill that has not yet been finalized nor voted upon, is strange, to say the least.  They appear to have a very good working knowledge of the bill AND they also seem to be unanimously parroting many of the Leftist concerns within the Democratic Party.  That, to me, is a red flag.  I have been following politics a very long time and to hear that a handful of nations from across the Pond have suddenly found it an imperative to “warn” the US about its upcoming tax codes proposals really is odd and unprecedented.

Don't get me wrong…there are always the errant off-hand comments by one world leader or another about “fair trade” and “tariff wars,” etc.  But this is specific to a vote that has not yet taken place and which has been latched onto by five nations.  Interestingly, only three of the five mentioned are economically viable at the moment.  Let's not forget that both Italy and Spain are dragging down the EU financials as much as the rest of the nations not included in this letter.  The piece by ZeroHedge didn't even bother to mention the names of the two ministers from those countries in the piece, choosing rather to focus on the UK, Germany and France, because (quite honestly) they are the only three that really matter money-wise.

Barack Hussein Obama had just shadowed President Trump in Asia, with an intent on visiting France.  In an earlier piece, I opined that he was going to Europe specifically because of the looming trouble on the horizon regarding both Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Merkel of Germany, two entities whose influence flame is dying quickly.  The waning of these two powers is a huge worry to Leftists the world over and, particularly, the ones inside the United States who have invested so much hope that the combined financial might of 28 nations would crush America decisively.

Both Macron and Merkel are literally teetering on the edge of a sword right now and the UK is effectively gone from the equation, ever since the Brexit vote.  All of these things have the EU heads, the nations' leaders, and Leftists all over the planet extremely hesitant about their agenda and their way forward.  Italy is coming off one of the worst financial seasons in decades and Spain has just been dealt a terrific blow by the region in its country known as Catalonia, where the wealthiest Spaniards have rejected the Spanish government and have voted for independence (illegally, according to Spain's officials inside the government).  This newest blow to the European Union is significant.  If they are claiming that Spain is one of their top five earners (and therefore contributing to the overall immense and wasteful budget of the EU) and Catalonia (the honeypot of Spain) is now withholding its support for the nation, Brussels is in deep trouble.

On the following page, we look at the real reason Obama went to France and we establish a pattern of what occurs when Obama visits world leaders:

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