Obama Thanks Himself After Taking Credit For Trump’s Booming Economy

Obama Thanks Himself After Taking Credit For Trump’s Booming Economy

The evidence continues to amass that Barack Hussein Obama, whose entire $5.3M Swamp mansion must be completely constructed of mirrors in order to accommodate the size and scope of this man's Narcissistic streak, is an egocentric giant among men, perhaps even more so than Narcissus himself, who, upon seeing his own image in a pool of water, was so enamored that he died there by the banks of the water, unable to wrench himself away from his perceived beauty.

If you're looking for proof that BHO needs validation, look no further than his standing up after Trump's Inauguration to tell the mayors and governors across the United States to defy the new president and be sure to “fight him with everything you've got!”

Let's also not forget that he made himself available for any and all world leaders at a moment's notice so that he could sit in front of a friendly and adoring audience, legs elegantly crossed in slacks, the cut of which made all men in the FNIC nod appreciatively while Chris Matthews had tingles running up his thigh, to talk about how he saved humanity from the rising seas and is very possibly descended from God Almighty himself!  He's even gone so far as to shadow Trump on every tour and every stopover in order to feel his relevancy!

Now, in his latest iteration of an avatar of the High One, he has very literally thanked someone who is responsible for all the exceptional economic news of Donald Trump's administration:  Himself!

Turn the page to see how this very sick and self-obsessed man has now co-opted the Trump government as his own and is attempting to transform this presidency into a facsimile of his own third term!

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