Farrakhan: “If Donald Trump becomes president, he will take America into the abyss of hell.”

Message for America from Farrakahn

In his message, Farrakhan suggested that Trump had done “great things in the business world,” but said he is also “exacerbating the race situation in America.” He then warned:

“If Donald Trump becomes president, he will take America into the abyss of hell.”

“Mr. Trump is tearing away the skin of the onion of white civility and the more he pulls the skin of that onion back, he’s beginning to show something in the character of the whites that follow him, that they don’t care what he says,” Farrakhan said. “He could say one thing this minute, another thing the next minute and you can see that the man has a little problem.”

“He’ll take America exactly where America is heading. He’ll take you there on a rocket ship,” Farrakhan continued. “If he becomes your president, you’ll be just like him. … When you get leadership that is not rooted in justice, then they begin to make the people just like themselves.”

“You’re headed into the abyss of hell, and if you make a mistake in choosing your leaders, maybe you’ll go there faster,” Farrakhan said.

Farrakhan faced serious health problems in 2006, but seems to have recovered and is currently the leading figure in the Nation of Islam, with a membership estimated between 25,000 – 50,000.

On March 30, 2011, Farrakhan warned that recent uprisings in the Arab world coupled with the tsunami in Japan signified that the divine spaceships waiting to avenge black suffering would soon arrive, adding that “Brother Barack's” decision to back the rebels opposing Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafi, whom Farrakhan considers a personal friend and ally, would serve to hasten the UFOs' arrival.

Why he is not in prison already is a testiment to how much this country has bought into ‘white hate'. Just a few months ago, Farrakhan called for ‘an army of 10,000 to rise up and kill white people.' Don't try that at home kids! It seems that only radical Muslims like Farrakhan can say things like that and stay out of jail.

Source: theblaze.com



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