How Donald Trump’s Big Mouth Can Help Save The Nation

And as much as we cannot commend what Trump has said, those very comments, coupled with a successful presidency, could go a long way to ending the scourge of PC that threatens to take down our entire society and twist it into something even our parents could never have imagined.

The recent revelations of Mr. Trump's foul mouth and even fouler expressed opinions regarding women are inexcusable.  Trying to excuse them based on societal norms is to accept those norms that have debased our very society.  So his remarks will get no pass from us.

Once you get past the ugliness of what Trump said, you can start to address something that has had a far greater negative impact on this nation than the repulsive words of one candidate for president.  That would be political correctness. It sets up specific landmines in an attempt to destroy the persons and organizations who would even mention those proscribed topics. It is the destroyer of human lives and Western civilization.

PC is nothing new, having marched under various banners at different times.  It is a form of censorship.  Its goal is to prevent the discussion of those particular topics that are hostile to the agenda of those holding political power.  As a noose around the neck of free speech, it is absolutely destructive to our form of government and American society.  If we cannot discuss serious threats to our way of life because of PC, our society is on the ropes.

It doesn't take much of a review of recent events to see that political correctness truly forms the iron chains binding this nation:

PC is corrupting the voting process, one of the very bulwarks of Western democracy. Once our election process is destroyed, it's all over for our nation.

Election fraud in being reported the United Kingdom, as new evidence is coming to light authorities seem to be in a state of denial and are turning a blind eye due to fear of offending and political correctness. The alleged voting fraud is taking place “especially in communities of Pakistani and Bangladeshi background”…

He’s [Sir Eric Pickles, a former Conservative Cabinet minister] also requesting that all polling stations be required to speak only English, and that criminal offenses should be inflicted on anybody trying to break these laws.

Do you know what would happen if those laws were recommended by a white politician in America? The media would be able to stop talking about Donald Trump for a while.

From: Report: Election Fraud Permitted in Muslim Communities Due to ‘Political Correctness'

Political Correctness Kills People

The massacre committed Wednesday in San Bernardino, California by a Muslim couple disguised in black battle togs has taken a troubling turn. The reports coming out of the Middle East are of Islamic calls for the destruction of the U.S., Israel, and Western civilization in general, with the grisly murder of 14 people attending a workplace party being cheered by the heartless Muslim groups made up of ISIS, Al-Queda, Boko Haram, and a mix of other Islamic terrorist groups.

Of course, our PC president just can't decide if this is just workplace violence or something else.  Yeah, right.  So a tragedy that might well have been prevented wasn't.

But in Obama’s world and that of his left leaning allies and acolytes, normal, every-day observation and recognition that some behaviors or activities are odd, anti-social, or out of place are signs of discrimination and bigotry. The political correctness police have declared such observations, certainly if they are made by a Caucasian, and specifically if they are made about one of the many self-declared protected groups, as bigoted, biased, and essentially false, no matter what the evidence.

And so we come to the tragedy in San Bernardino, one that might have been circumvented had it not been for the PC police that condemn those would would speak out about suspicious behavior because of the appearance of the actors involved in said behavior.

From:  San Bernardino Shooting Shows the High Cost of Political Correctness

PC is demoralizing the military and degrading its ability to accomplish its purposes.

Freed from the restrictions of political correctness placed on him while in active service, a retired general spoke frankly on how “demoralizing” it was to serve during the Obama administration. No surprise there.  Let’s see what a liberated General Norman Ham had to say.

“Sequestration severely handicapped our military training-wise, readiness, equipment, facilities,” he said. “It was demoralizing. Your whole job as a general is to take care of people; because when you take care of people, you get the mission done. We weren’t allowed to take care of the people the way we needed to take care of people.”

“Now that I don’t have to be politically correct anymore,” he told the host, “it was demoralizing to work for Obama.”

“We’re on our fourth secretary of defense,” he said. “There’s a reason for that. None of them gave Obama the answer that he wanted.”

From:  Retired General:  It's Been Demoralizing Serving Under Obama

PC endangers us all by allowing terrorist organizations to infiltrate our government agencies essential to our national security.

“Political correctness has neutralized all our military leadership,” Admiral Lyons explains.

“Sharia law is a very serious threat in America. We are being invaded by a group of people who see it as their absolute imperative to establish a legal system in America which will in fact destroy our Constitution and be replaced with this thing called Sharia law,” states retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin.

Boykin has declared that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government at the highest levels in the Pentagon, DHS, both Republican and Democratic parties, and virtually all prominent branches of US government.

“If Americans only took time to do the proper research and find out just how deep this infiltration into our govt is it would just frighten you,” he states.

With the rule of political correctness, our ability as a people to examine and discuss such allegations is precluded as the PC police will spring into action to silence anyone who dissents from the party line.  This endangers the nation and is anathema to our traditional protection of political free-speech.

From:  Four-Star Admiral: Obama is Leading the Muslim Brotherhood Who Has Infiltrated All US Security and Intel Agencies

PC destroys the ability of the nation to discuss some of its most pressing issues.  By attacking selected groups and their beliefs as bigoted, intolerant, or dangerous, it enables those in leadership to control the debate and thus to control the society and nation.  Passing this signpost means you are on the road to the death of freedom.

PC is the tool for shutting down debate with the catastrophic results we reported on above.  And just because you like the agenda of those in power is no reason to give political correctness a pass.  There may likely come at time when those whose beliefs you abhor are in power, and you certainly would not want your political speech restricted.  Nor should it be.

That Donald Trump is a flawed individual is not a new revelation, and his vulgar remarks, while not a total shocker, still deserve to be drawn out and excoriated for their offensiveness.  But can we find some good in all of this?

Mr. Trump is a candidate who is more hostile to political correctness than most any we've seen — certainly when considering presidential aspirants.  Could the election of Trump, faults and all, drive a dagger into the vicious doctrine of PC?  Or, to look at it another way, what is more dangerous, a president with a foul mouth or the empowerment of the PC movement that would surely take place under a Clinton administration?

Think hard about that.  Under a Hillary Clinton administration it would be politically correct to attack Putin verbally and possibly Russia militarily, but the implementation of PC values would place the threat of Muslim terrorism in America off limits for discussion.

Trump, something of the ultimate anti-PC candidate, would burst the discussion wide open.  And free and unfettered political speech drives a dagger into the political correctness and the danger it presents to our nation that those we've reference above so ably demonstrate.

As Mr. Trump's offensive ideas and comments would be subject to vigorous debate, so would those of the PC cult.  What is fair for one group must be fair for all for our society and cultural to survive.  You know, “equal protection under the laws,” right?

Of course there's always the likelihood and danger of people making grossly repugnant statements on all sorts of topics.  In fact that's guaranteed to happen.  But that's one price you pay for having a free society.  People do and will say things that are offensive, wrong, dangerous, and just plain stupid.  It is the job of the citizens of this nation to identify such thoughts and repudiate them.  Those with dangerous or fringe ideas need to be heard, their ideas judged, and left on the fringe.

If you care about this country, you cannot allow political correctness to be the rule.  It must be condemned as something just as vulgar as the recently revealed foulness of Mr. Trump.

And if you find the policies of a potential Trump administration attractive, the very flaws of that candidate that have caught so much attention recently might actually turn out to be the stake in the heart of political correctness this nation so desperately needs.



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