Cruz Apologizes — Again. This Time to Marco Rubio

Ted Cruz is once again apologizing for tactics being used by his campaign. After being criticized for unethical tactics, stemming from misleading fliers sent out by his campaign, Cruz has once again misrepresented a fellow candidate, and was forced to make the following statement.

“I want to apologize to Senator Marco Rubio for posting an inaccurate story about him here earlier today,” Tyler wrote on Facebook after sharing the false story online. “The story misquoted a remark the Senator made to the staffer. I assumed wrongly that the story was correct.”

The false report indicated that Rubio said that there were “not many answers” in the Bible — when in fact, Rubio commented that “all the answers”were in the book of scripture.

If Cruz wants to be the “more serious” Donald Trump, he has to separate himself from these lies — purposefull or not. Otherwise, he may find himself languishing in third place. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the wakeup call his campaign needs.

Source: Breitbart



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