Constitutional Lawyer: Oregon Standoff Isn’t About Ranchers, The Feds CANNOT Own Land Outside DC

Constitutional Lawyer: Oregon Standoff Isn’t About Ranchers, The Feds CANNOT Own Land Outside DC

The Federal government has been seeking to expand it's power for years, and President Obama has insisted that because he was a professor of Constitutional law he somehow is more equipped and capable to teach us how this country should run and why we must obey whatever he says.

He therefore jammed Obamacare through Congress with not one Republican supporter, and then somehow conned the Supreme Court into affirming that U.S. citizens MUST purchase insurance or be fined. This is typical of the lawless Obama administration, and we have truly become a banana republic, though that is not how the Constitution is written.

See the excellent video on page 2 regarding Constitutional limitations that are being violated.

The Federal governments seems to think that the citizens only own property leave of the government, and in essence that is true.

If a person buys a piece of property and pays property taxes on it,  that is a form of rent paid to the government, and the government can seize that property and push the rightful owner off of that land if the taxes are not paid. How then does someone own a piece of property if the government can demand rent and evict if that rent or tax is not paid?  It is stunning when seen this  in the broad context, and true students of the Consititution will recognize the con that we have all bought in to.

The latest land and power battle is over father and son ranchers in Oregon by the name of Hammond went to jail on an arson charge. In 2002 and 2006, these ranchers decided to clear some brush and overgrowth on their ranch land by conducting a controlled burn, a very common activity in large areas such as their ranch in Oregon. The fire accidentally spread onto federal lands but was put out by the ranchers without any help from the feds. However, the Federal government still charged the ranchers with arson and are determined to jail them for 5 years each. Incidentally, the Federal land is flourishing, is now less of a wild fire hazard, and no properties were damaged in the incident.

The Constitutional attorney in the following video cites the Hammond case, but then goes on to instruct us on why it is only a small part of the huge overreach of the Federal government, as shown by the Constitutional limitations that the Federal government has been ignoring.

Watch video, page 2:

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