‘Child Trafficking Camp’ Discovered on Clinton Foundation Donor Property

Veterans and dozens of citizens have joined forces to expose what they believe to be a child-trafficking camp hidden inside the Arizona woods. This camp sits on property owned by The Cemex Construction Materials South, LLC., a Clinton Foundation donor.

CEMEX and the Clintons have quite a history together. First, they received a $7 million contract from the Clinton Global Initiative to build houses in Haiti back in 2012, nearly two and half years after the earthquake and while Hillary served as Secretary of State.

It's well known that Haitians absolutely hate the Clintons, claiming that they stole all the money meant for the nation's recovery. One former Haitian Senate President, Bernard Sansaricq, stated publically that the Clintons stole “billions of dollars from the sick and starving.” During the 2016 election, Haitians protested outside the DNC, calling for Hillary to be thrown in jail.

Now, what appears to be a child trafficking camp has been located on CEMEX property. But not only that, one woman who was investigating the Clintons involvement in human trafficking in Haiti turned up dead. Quite a coincidence of facts!

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