CDC Researcher Into Vaccines Turns Up Dead

There are many terrific topics you can use if you want to start a discussion that rapidly deteriorates into an acrimonious exchange of insults. Reason goes out the window as the stock of knowledge possessed by those in the argument is exhausted. We've all been in these situations. Hopefully, the tensions die down and everyone leaves as friends. But not always.

The issue of vaccines, especially those administered to infants, is one of those hot-button topics. And for good reason. We are talking about the health of our children, and evidence that infant vaccines promote autism.

We are also calling into question the integrity of the medical community. If you want something to worry about, consider this: If you believe there are those medical professionals who are distorting the truth regarding vaccines, then what else have we been told that is wrong? These are life and death issues.

Add to that the power that big pharma has, and we have every right to be very concerned. And to demand investigations and answers.

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