CDC Researcher Into Vaccines Turns Up Dead

There was a time when vaccines were thought of as modern medical miracles. Get a jab and gain immunity to deadly or at least very miserable diseases. Who could object to that?

Then, little by little, we learn about the alleged dangers of some of the additives in these vaccines. Then we are hit with the revelation that the vaccines given to infants might dramatically increase the likelihood those kids will develop autism.

To make matters worse, there are stories of researchers at the Centers for Disease Control meeting untimely and questionable deaths. In some cases, these deaths have involved doctors who practice holistic medicine.  In other cases, the deaths were of medical professionals who were proposing that the globalist desire to reduce the world's population is real, and that vaccines are part of it.

The issue will really come to a head if the CDC gets rules in place that mandate certain vaccinations under penalty of prison time.

And now the plot thickens:

The body of a CDC researcher named Timothy Cunningham was discovered in the Chattohoochee River near Atlanta today, reports Fox News.

Atlanta police tweeted the following message:

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the body recovered in the Chattahoochee River in NW Atlanta late Tuesday to be missing CDC employee Timothy Cunningham.

Cunningham has been missing for almost two months, with speculation swirling about whether he had been “silenced” for knowing too much about the criminality and scientific fraud inside the CDC, a government-funded front for the child-killing vaccine industry.

No one can accuse Natural News of beating around the bush. That is one very serious accusation.

And the criticism is widespread. The CDC has a serious problem. Instead of promoting the nation's health, it stands accused of deliberately promoting the killing of Americans.

The CDC is a fraudulent, criminal organization run by vaccine zealots and pharmaceutical “deep state” operatives who have long abandoned anything resembling real science or public safety. The former head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, left the corrupt agency to cash in as the head of Merck’s global vaccine division. She was later named by as “one of the most evil people in medicine today.” In 2017, she won the “Science Ass-Hat of the Year” award.

More recently, another director of the CDC was forced to resign after being caught investing in shares of Merck while overseeing vaccine propaganda policies.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. calls the CDC “an edifice of fraud,” and the website documents even more damning evidence of corruption, criminality and science fraud at the CDC.

The crisis is obvious. A segment of our medical establishment is accused of practices that deliberately and premeditatedly harm or kill Americans. Few of us have the scientific training to evaluate these matters on our own, so we must rely on others.

The other problem is that not everyone in the alternative health industry is competent or even honest. It has its share of snake-oil salesmen as well as those who are profoundly capable and tireless in working for the health of the people.

If President Trump can spare the time, a ruthless housecleaning and investigation at the CDC would be in order.

Let's take a closer look at what exactly the CDC is on the last page. The info will likely surprise you!



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